Jumped over a wall to escape from bullocks

It was May, 2016, and the two of us were walking near Trefnant, in Wales. About 20 black and white bullocks approached us, and pinned us against a dry stone wall and bushes.

I had learned how to deal with cattle before, at a college of agriculture, by waving arms and sticks. However, this time the waving didn’t work, so I resorted to prodding the bullocks on the nose, which is the next strategy. But this had little effect, since as soon as one backed off another took its place.

Fortunately we were able to jump the wall and escape through the next field. We weren’t injured but we were badly scared.

There could have been a similar incident at Holywell when a group of young bullocks decided to run to the wall to investigate us; fortunately this time we were on the safe side of the wall!

We didn’t have a dog with us and we were walking on a public footpath. Maybe farmers could set up a diversion route if they are aware that their cattle are ‘inquisitive!’

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