Libby explains how to stay safe on a walk

Libby is a farmer’s daughter and was brought up amongst livestock. She wasn’t scared of cows… not until she was trampled and nearly lost her life.

“I was one of those walkers who felt that people who worried about cows were just townies who didn’t understand them,” she explains. “I know differently now.”

Following her experience, Libby is much more cautious.

“Now, I have a set of personal rules when I embark on a walk, to try to keep me, and anyone I walk with, safe.”

Libby’s quick checklist

Before entering a field of cattle, Libby makes the following checks:

  1. Can I see calves – don’t enter!
  2. Cattle around stile – don’t enter!
  3. Cattle look interested and stop chewing to focus on us and move nearer  – retreat!
  4. I can’t see the way out or don’t know where the way out is – don’t enter!
  5. The herd are spread around the field and I cannot circle around them – don’t enter!
  6. There isn’t an escape route – fence/wall/river that I can easily jump over/into should need arise – don’t enter!

For an extended version of Libby’s rules, and to read more of her advice, go here: Libby’s tips for staying safe around cattle.



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