Near miss: Tony and Sue’s narrow escape

On the 22nd September, 2017, we were walking across the footpath of the Millennium woods, near Cilcain village, north Wales. There were just the two of us and we had our border collie Nell on a lead.

Suddenly, we were charged by a herd of some eight or nine large heifers and a Welsh black young bullock.

We were forced against a barbed wire fence, and were very lucky because the fence was in a state of disrepair, and we had the cover of a coppice of small saplings. The cattle were very interested in the dog and came charging at us, but we managed to scramble under the barbed wire to avoid them.

We made our escape down a steep ravine.

This incident left us very shaken up. We are in our late sixties and pretty fit, but if someone not so nimble were to come across a similar event here in this field, I am sure they would have been trampled.

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