Near-miss story – Jayne’s Tale

My husband and I are walking sections of the Wales Coast Path together. On Saturday the 29th of July 2017, we set out from Carmarthen and were heading for Ferryside. We entered a field – following signs for the “Wales Coast Path”. There were no cows in sight.

As we walked across the field, we noticed a group of cows were at the top of the field near the gate. I’m not sure of the breed but they seemed a mixture. Some were brown, some black and white.

We had to keep walking towards the gate, as it was the only way out of the field and we had no other option. Because we didn’t want to alarm or scare the cows, we kept as close to the fence as was possible. Sliding in mud and cow dung.

One cow started to walk towards us and then four other cows started to run directly towards us. They were charging straight at us. Both myself and my husband were terrified. At the last minute my husband shouted and raised his arms. Luckily this seemed to slow them down.

We could see the farmhouse which was about 300 yards in front of us. I shouted several times for help but no one came to assist us. We managed to get to the gate and we both felt terrified and very lucky to escape without being hurt.

My husband and I love walking along the coastal path and have so far have walked from Chepstow to Pendine. We want to walk the whole of the Wales Coast Path in due course but I don’t think I can face walking through fields much longer, as I am getting increasingly anxious.

We respect animals and appreciate the farmers immensely for the work they do. All we want is to be safe and enjoy the walk. We didn’t have a dog with us.

Recently we were out walking and passed through roughly about 15 fields. We noticed the majority of them had a fenced off walk way through or around the edge of the field. Could this be adapted where possible to ensure safety of cows and walkers?


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