Near-miss story – Nigel’s Tale

Last April, 2016, I had a frightening encounter with a group of bullocks in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

I was walking along the coastal path between Angle and Pembroke. It was a public footpath and well signposted. A herd of 30 or 40 bullocks slowly started to walk towards me. Then one broke into a trot and before long they were all charging towards me at a gallop.

There was nowhere I could escape to. The field was very large and long, with a hawthorn hedge and a steep drop into the sea on one side, and a high security fence on the other.

My only option was to run towards the cattle shouting and waving my arms.

Thankfully they stopped and I was able to walk away to safety. I dread to consider what would have happened if I had not decided on this option.

I didn’t see any warning signs when I entered the field, and I didn’t have a dog with me.

Luckily I wasn’t hurt, and I didn’t report the incident to anybody.  I do appreciate that farmland is there to be used by livestock, but it was very frightening, and since then I have become very cautious of cattle. They are very unpredictable.




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